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A New Startup Requires Balance

Like any new startup, achieving a balance between work and home life can be a little tricky sometimes. Creating a successful company from the ground up takes many long hours at the office and more often than not, many hours once you arrive home from work. With our smartphones linked to our work emails, there is always the temptation to respond to client’s emails instantly, answer phone calls and even open the laptop and work from the couch when we should be spending time with the family.

Unfortunately, like so many of us, I struggle with the boundaries associated with work / home life. The desire to see the business be very successful and wanting to see the clients happy quiet often takes precedent over spending quality time with the family in many cases. What is the solution then? Balance. I believe that a highly successful business is created… it is not luck, it is not by chance. Working hard and diligently are the building blocks for a successful startup, however if not balanced by “down time” where you can relax and recharge, then the risk of “burn out” will most probably soon follow. Balance… an essential principle that all of us must master if we wish to have a truly successful business and personal life.

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