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The iPhone 6: It Bends!

The new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out a month ago and was greatly anticipated by the population of Australia.  However a new development, dubbed ‘bend-gate’ has led to some iPhone 6 Plus owners learning that their fresh new phone’s aluminium body is plainly bending in their pockets.


Reports spread and many people were claiming that their new iPhone 6 Plus was bending in their pockets while going about their daily business. It was caused by driving for extended periods of time, and even from bumping into someone. Other owners learnt that it only bent when a nominal force was applied.


What caused this?


Unfortunately, the main body component of the iPhone 6 Plus is aluminium, a material that it known to bend when pressure is applied.


What is Apple doing about this fault?


Apple is currently doing nothing to replace affected phones. New owners are being denied a replacement, as ‘Apple has not indicated… that this is a manufacturing issue’. It doesn’t seem like anything will be done in the near future to reimburse owners with a new iPhone 6 Plus, but a solution may be forthcoming.


If bending really does happen, what can I do to prevent it?


For starters, it wouldn’t be wise to put your iPhone 6 Plus in your back pocket and sit down.  It’s also a good idea to not wear tight pants with tight pockets that lessens the movement of the phone, as that can cause a slow bend in the body. This is particularly important as when the phone bends, the screen runs the risk of cracking. Finally, put your phone on the desk or table in front of you when you sit down, giving you easy access and preventing accidental damage from occurring.


Yes, the iPhone 6 Plus bends and no solution is imminent, but you can still take action to ensure that your device doesn’t bend so you don’t need to ask for reimbursement that isn’t expected to come anytime soon.

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