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Selecting the Right Web Developer

If you’re looking to engage a web developer for a project it’s crucial that you select the right one. Doing so can affect the outcome of your project; either assisting you or setting you back, so it’s imperative that in the initial decision you should know what to look for during the hunt for your web developer.


Be wary of one-man shows!


Your project could ultimately fail if you selected a backyard business with only one employee, especially if your project has a deadline. It could take too long for the only employee to complete the project, or worse if the business you have chosen collapses. While they may be offer a cheaper price for your development, it’s important to consider the ramifications if your developer becomes ill, or cannot complete the work due to other commitments.  Due to this, it is wise to select a business that has more than one or two employees and can guarantee the completion of your project.


Does the business understand your needs? Have they listened to you?


If there’s one thing you would want from a business, it would be that they understand you. The thing you’d hate is if they’d misunderstood you and when they finish the project it’s not what you were after, which can be detrimental to both you and the business you hired. That’s why it’s imperative that you select a business that can understand your needs and exactly what you want, rather than a mediocre business who doesn’t understand your project.


It’s also important that the business you hire listens to you and provides constructive feedback on your development goals.  This will only benefit you in the long run, as you really want a web developer who will come along side you as a partner and help you improve your product.

To put it plainly: make sure you choose a business that will pay attention to you so you can avoid failure.


Does the business you’re looking at have credibility, a history or any track records?


One thing you must avoid is selecting a business that has a dodgy history, one with a negative reputation or a bad track record. They could deal with false promises, suspicious clients, or provide questionable services. If a business is not credible, then they should not be trusted. It’s simple really. You can only really trust a business if you know someone who has used them before on another project or if you looked them in the eye and made the decision on that face to face meeting.


What will they do with your IP (Intellectual Property), or Data?


Say you’ve found a business you like and they are credible, they listen to you and they have the capacity to fulfil your requirements. You’re almost ready to engage them with your project, but there’s still one thing you have to know. You need to find out what they do with all the IP and Data you’ll give them.  Who has the rights to the code that will be written or the data that it generates? Ensure you have established the boundaries for IP ownership and usage with your developer before you engage them.  There are multiple ways to approach this with your developer, but you need to establish your expectations early too avoid disappointment or even theft down the track.


You’re now aware of the dos and don’ts when looking to engage a web developer for a project.


When looking for a web developer it’s crucial that you select the right one. With the above taken into account you can successfully select a business for your project and not have to worry about staff/business redundancy, misunderstandings, credibility or IP rights as you know what to avoid and what to look for. If you do, your project should be successfully completed and your purpose for it will be fulfilled.

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