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What is the Cloud?

So you ask… “What is the Cloud?”

Cloud computing is storing and accessing information over a network, most often this is the Internet. The name comes from the cloud-shaped symbol used to represent the complex systems needed to deliver:

  • Social Networking – people with something in common sharing their experiences using words, pictures, and videos
  • Email – stored once and available on all your devices, home or office
  • Document Storing, Sharing and Collaborating
  • Business Applications particularly for mobile workforce
  • Backup / Redundancy – just for accidents

Got it, so why do I need it?

  • Because this is the way that business is heading and you want to be the market leader.
  • Because you have computers that are a old, you are worried they will stop working and its expensive to either buy new ones or maintain them.
  • Because you have computers at home, in the office, mobile staff that only have a mobile phone. They need to stay in touch and want to update the information while they’re on the road.
  • Because you know that you are inefficient in running your business. Your systems aren’t integrated and there is a lot of “mucking around”to get an accurate picture of how the business is performing.
  • Because you are worried that you data onsite is not secure and it can be destroyed or corrupted by many different events.
  • Because it is cashflow friendly. No more large capital expenditure. Use “serious computer grunt” for a fraction of what you would pay if you had equivalent system onsite.
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