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Why Business Cards Still Matter

We might have loads of technology to record names, dates, phone numbers and other important things, but we all know that that isn’t reliable one-hundred percent of the time. As well as that, the human memory is full of holes like a sieve. We’re prone to forgetting things and business cards are a great way to remember.

You can also use business cards to pass on businesses to friends. For example, you have the card of a car sales company and they have a sale that a friend would really benefit from, so you give your friend the card and they can use it to visit the location or call up the business.

Business cards can open up a world of opportunities. Stick a card on your fridge and you can dial the number at quick notice. They also look very professional when you hand them over to a potential client or employer.

These cards are the face of your business. With more cards in circulation more people are aware of you and your business, as you can’t always rely on a website (we all know that only the most-viewed websites appear first on any search engine). If you’re an SMB this is particularly useful for raising awareness for your business.

Not only that, but when meeting a potential client there’s no knowing if they have the same information-sharing app as you or they may not have their phone on their person. Everyone can accept a card and the exchange of a business card can flow smoothly into a conversation, while tapping away at a mobile device can impede it and seem rude.

Business cards immediately give potential clients and employers all information they need to know about you in a quick, efficient manner. They still carry a lot of weight in the business world, despite our technological progress, and is an old-fashioned (but still relevant) way of communication.

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